HostMyWebCloud Elevates Security Standards: Introduces DNSSEC to All Hosted Domains


[South Africa, 4 April 2024] – HostMyWebCloud, a leading provider of web hosting solutions, is proud to announce the integration of DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) across all domains hosted on its platforms. This strategic move underscores HostMyWebCloud’s unwavering commitment to fortifying the security posture of its clients’ online assets.

DNSSEC is a suite of extensions to DNS, the protocol that translates domain names into IP addresses. It adds an additional layer of security by digitally signing DNS data to ensure its authenticity and integrity. By implementing DNSSEC, HostMyWebCloud aims to mitigate risks associated with DNS spoofing, cache poisoning, and other malicious activities targeting domain name resolution.

“Security has always been a top priority at HostMyWebCloud. With the introduction of DNSSEC, we’re taking proactive measures to safeguard our clients’ online presence,” said Stanley Chauke, CEO at HostMyWebCloud. “By digitally signing DNS records, we’re enhancing the trustworthiness and reliability of domain name resolution, which is paramount in today’s threat landscape.”

DNSSEC works by attaching digital signatures to DNS records, which can be validated using cryptographic keys. This mechanism ensures that DNS responses received by users are authentic and have not been tampered with en route. By adopting DNSSEC, HostMyWebCloud empowers its clients with heightened assurance that their domain names are accurately mapped to the intended IP addresses, thwarting potential attacks aimed at DNS infrastructure.

In addition to fortifying DNS security, HostMyWebCloud continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and best practices to deliver a comprehensive suite of hosting solutions that prioritize performance, reliability, and most importantly, security. With DNSSEC now in place, clients can rest assured that their online assets are shielded from DNS-related vulnerabilities, reinforcing HostMyWebCloud’s reputation as a trusted partner in the digital realm.

For more information about HostMyWebCloud and its suite of hosting solutions, visit [Website].

About HostMyWebCloud:
HostMyWebCloud is a premier provider of web hosting solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain registration, and more. With a focus on performance, reliability, and security, HostMyWebCloud empowers businesses and individuals to establish and maintain a strong online presence.

Media Contact:

Stanley Chauke

Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

+2781 261 2380

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