PTR Record

A PTR (Pointer) record is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record that maps an IP address to a domain name. It is used in reverse DNS lookups, where the DNS resolver takes an IP address and looks up the associated domain name.

PTR records are commonly used for email servers, where receiving email servers perform a reverse DNS lookup to verify the sender’s domain. If the PTR lookup fails or the domain does not match the sender’s domain, it may indicate spam or malicious activity, and the receiving server may reject the email.

Here’s an example of how a PTR record might look: IN PTR

In this example:

  • is the reversed representation of the IP address ( for which the PTR record is being set up. The domain is used for IPv4 reverse DNS lookups.
  • IN PTR specifies the class of the record (Internet) and the type of record (PTR).
  • is the domain name associated with the IP address.

PTR records are essential for maintaining the integrity of email communications and are often used as a part of anti-spam measures. It’s important for administrators to ensure that PTR records are properly configured and that they match the corresponding forward DNS records to avoid potential email delivery issues.

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