Case study about Keyword Accountant in South Africa & See the results

In today’s post; I delve on the keyword, “Accountant in South Africa.” The companies that rank on the first position organically for this keyword is none other than SAIPA: The South African Institute of Professional Accountants , the second is Accountancy SA, ranking organically for this keyword, followed by SAICA ranking third for this keyword. On the fourth ranking is SAIPA and fifth is SAICA

The lesson learned is that, if you want to rank, just look for related keywords and write great content, e.g: accountant South Africa have a volume search of only 10, whereas “chartered accountant salary in South Africa has 2.9K volume search”

The list goes on and we see that other companies on the top 10 of Google’s organic results include, on the 6th position, Find An Accountant, 7th Position, Zeelie Professional Accountant and 8th Chartered Institute for Business Accountants. Explore the role of accountants in South Africa, including their services and the regulatory environment. Learn about the requirements and duties of accountants in the country. The question is this? If you are an accounting firm, finance professionals, tax planning, financial reporting, audit services, South African accounting regulations and you do not appear on the top 10 Google results, how do you feel? Frustrating, is it? I think it is about time to start optimising your website.

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